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My art and characters are not available to use for RPGs of any kind. Do not use them.

ShortOverview of my States

For very close ones at that.


Check this for details…
Most likely never will. I can't pay food and materials with points after all.
Nobody should ask for gifts anyway. They are gifts, because they are a surprise, otherwise it would be a request.
Next Kiriban at 200.000




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Commissions are OPEN

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2015, 12:41 PM

:devart: :spotlight-left:NEWS:spotlight-right::devart:

Commissions Open by SquirtleStampsRequest Closed Stamp by SquirtleStampsArt Trades Closed by SquirtleStamps


First and foremost:

If you are unsure how much your character or what you have imagined will cost,

or if you have seen a picture with a style you like in my gallery,

but you don’t know into which category it belongs, post a link and ask me right away.
You can also send me a private message here, on tumblr or at my email address listed below.


Prices include backgrounds now.

Way of paying:

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat Paypal please !!

Places to Contact:



The price is influenced by the amount of detail you want to have and by how complicated the design of your wished character is 
(such things are color design, pattern, unnatural extras etc)




Sketches: 10€ - 30€

Wolfcom-sketch by WoelfinNishi 


Lineart: 30€ - 40€

Wolfcom-lines by WoelfinNishiInkynuki3 by WoelfinNishi

Flatcolor sharp or rough: 40€ - 60€

Wolfcom-flatrough by WoelfinNishiWolfcom-flatsharp by WoelfinNishiInkynuki5 by WoelfinNishi

Flatcolor sharp or rough with simple shadow: 60€ - 100€

Wolfcom-flastshadrough by WoelfinNishiWolfcom-flastshadsharp by WoelfinNishiInkynuki4 by WoelfinNishiInkynuki6 by WoelfinNishi

Minimal Detailed: 100€ - 120€

Wolfcom-detmini by WoelfinNishiPKMN: The Fire Inside by WoelfinNishiSP - Of Angels and Devils by WoelfinNishiInkynuki1 by WoelfinNishiInkynuki2 by WoelfinNishi

Medium detailed: 130€ - 160€

Wolfcom-detmedium by WoelfinNishiPainting the Forest by WoelfinNishiLittle Sevigne by WoelfinNishiBig Sevigne by WoelfinNishi-RM- Nightly Magic of Serenata by WoelfinNishiAutumn Cuddles by WoelfinNishi

High Detailed/Realistic: 170€ - 200€

Wolf by WoelfinNishiDA-WN: Fenris (animated) by WoelfinNishiThe Black Phoenix by WoelfinNishiThe nameless grey Stray by WoelfinNishiHakuro-Sama by WoelfinNishiSpring of Youth by WoelfinNishiOn Christmas remember the Forgotten ones by WoelfinNishi



Not yet available




What can be asked for?

· Animals of all kind, creatures (hybrids, fantasy, scifi etc), anthros, (humans)

· You can ask for almost every genre, except the ones specified under “Won’t do:”

· You can ask for wolfynized or animalized versions of your wished characters, shall it be canon characters or your OC’s

· You can ask for any of my wolfynized designs of characters, even together with your OC

· Tasteful nudity is okay

· Normal gore is okay (aka lion simply eating a zebra after a hunt for example)



What I won’t draw:

·  No more smut or heavy erotica.

· No explicit sexual acts.

· No yiff

· NO HARDCORE FETISHES! (Like pedophilia, shota, loli, bestiality, inflation, hyper, diaper-erotic, vore,  sexual gore, fecal-erotica (f.e.golden shower or well, fecal stuff)




What you should do and what I will do in return:


Payment comes before I start to draw your picture, please. 

I know this sounds scary for you, but due to some people, who misused my trust of paying after one too many times, I will ask for the money to be paid in advance.
You are free to contact me throughout the commission process, though. Also I will provide you with my Skype, if that is more secure for you.
Additionally I will contact you throughout the process myself to show you WiP’s, getting your feedback and answering any questions that may occur. Also if I am unsure with anything, I will ask you before I take liberties.

Costumers from previous commissions can assure you that I always do my part in this process.

Trusted costumers (aka costumers I already worked with in a good manner) can ask for a half-before-half-after-payment.



If possible, provide me with pictures and a thorough description of your character.

Those pictures can be yours or those others have done of your character, photos even (f.e. this polar wolf has the fur tone I would like to see on my character.)

I will also need following details in a description of the character:

· Description of their looks

· What is their personality like?

  · What pose shall they have?


(Questions of theme and BG will follow once I opened the BG’s, too.)




Any questions? Go ahead! 


^w^  Thanks for the purchase :smooch:

Copyright manners:

The commissions created are only open to use for the client and only in private manners.

If you want to display the picture on another page, you need permission of both the client and me as the artist.

You are not allowed to use the picture or the character displayed, unless it is yours.

:work: Things on the TO-DO-LIST :work:

Next Kiriban:

Collab: closed


- open
- open
- open

Comish info here

Other Stuff and Credits

My new ava is made by :iconazyomecha:

:film: MY KYUUBI PROJECT :film:…

!!!My bestest-best friend !!!!!

  • Listening to: Varries
  • Reading: Last Unicorn Re-read :)
  • Watching: all kinds of animation
  • Playing: Mostly Skyrim at the time


Artist | Professional

Remember those rules

Please --
* do not trace my work
* do not base my work
* do not sell my artwork
* do not alter or deface my artwork
* do not put my artwork on Instagram or Facebook and pretend you're either me or that you drew it.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Other sites:


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I meant, if it is okay to call you by your real name.
Some people prefer to be called by their family-name or their nickname.

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Happy Birthday
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